10 Wardrobe Staples You Need In Your Closet Right Now: Part 1 (Plus How To Style Them!)

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a huge clothes repeater! However, I try my best not to repeat my outfits too much and instead play around with the pieces I already have. The secret to not purchasing and wasting too many clothes while still staying chic and stylish is to invest in a few quality and versatile wardrobe staples that you can style a million ways.

Right accessorizing and styling can really go a long way, especially if you want to stay fabulous on a budget! So, to help my petite (and even non-petite) ladies out there be sustainably stylish, I am going to start a #WardrobeStaples blog series where I show you some of my favorite essential pieces in my closet and share multiple ways of how to style them. Before that, I thought it will be fun to give you a rundown of some of my multi-season must-have wardrobe staples and some simple yet cute ways of wearing them. Don’t worry, I am going to delve more into these pieces soon!

As a bonus, you will also be seeing all of these pieces mixed and matched with each other throughout this post. Keep your eye out!

1. White T-shirt

Of course, first on the list is the trusty white shirt. I’ve only had one white shirt for years now, but I make sure to maximize it to its fullest potential. A white shirt is probably the most versatile wardrobe staple you can have because it can be dressed up or down depending on the weather, occasion, and vibe.

White shirt and white sneakers

Wardrobe Staples
White t-shirt and closed-toe flats

2. Blue Jeans

Another wardrobe staple that most people probably already have is a pair of blue jeans. Similar to white shirts, a good quality pair of jeans can go a long way when styled just right. It can be used for a casual street style or can even be worn at the club. Personally, I like wearing my blue jeans with a dressy top and blazer during an important marketing pitch.

Black tank top and blue jeans

3. Denim Skirt

Another closet essential that I absolutely love is the denim skirt. A denim skirt is one of those multiseasonal pieces that can be worn from spring to winter. It can go with heels or flats, a basic top, or even an over-the-top blouse.

Wardrobe Staples
Denim skirt

4.. Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is another absolute must-have! This flexible item can be styled with a fabulous dress or a pair of jeans – and it’s still guaranteed to look cute. 

Wardrobe Staples
Denim jacket and white sneakers

5. Nude Cardigan

Who says cardigans are just for dresses? Stop dressing like a grandma and level up your cardigan game. I love wearing cardigans during summer, but this versatile item knows no bounds when styled just right! Pro tip: get a cardigan in nude colors like white, brown, or pink for extra versatility.

Wardrobe Staples
Nude cardigan

6. Little Black Dress

A good LBD is another one of my absolute favorite wardrobe staples. I know that I probably have at least five little black dresses, but as long as you have a good quality one – you’re set! I know that LBDs are the go-to for date nights and clubbing, but I personally like dressing down little black dresses for a casual daytime look.

Denim jacket, black dress, and white sneakers

Wardrobe Staples
Little black dress and closed-toe flats

7. White shorts

My pair of white shorts is another overused item in my closet. Perfect for a casual summer look, but I can guarantee that you can make at least five other looks with this lovely piece.

White shorts

Wardrobe Staples
White shorts

8. Black Tank Top

Okay, seriously, at this point, who does not have a black tank top? Before cropped tops were a thing, black tank tops were the OG wardrobe staple – and still is. If styled right, you can wear a black tank top to the club, run errands, or even work!

Black tank top

9. Closed-Toe Flats

So, alright, let’s move on to shoes. If there is a pair of shoes you definitely need to have, it’s a pair of closed-toe flats. These pair of shoes are not only really versatile – style-wise, but are also multi-seasonal. I guarantee that you need a pair of closed-toe flats wherever you are in the world right now.

Blue jeans and closed-toe flats

10. White sneakers

And last but not least, is one my favorite wardrobe staples – the amazing white sneakers. I can’t tell you how many pairs of white sneakers I’ve had my entire life. While some may consider them basic, I think that there’s nothing wrong with being basic. This basic piece can be paired with a dress, a pair of jeans, skirt, and everything you can imagine under the sun.

Wardrobe Staples
White shirt, cardigan, and white sneakers

There you have it, the first part of my wardrobe staples run through. I will be having a part 2 of this post, where I’ll give you a rundown of other items you need in your closet. For now, I want to limit it to the ten absolute must-haves!

ALSO, this is just the introduction of my #WardrobeStaples series, where I’ll be showing you multiple ways of styling the items in this post. And when I say multiple… I meant multiple. I am going to start with the white shirt, so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts about this post. Leave a comment, contact me, or slide into my DMs on Instagram!

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