Pulling Off Monochromatic Outfits in the Winter (Plus My New Favorite Accessory)

Answer honestly: do you think that wearing a single-color outfit is boring? If you answered yes, then I believe it is time to change your mind. Not only are monochromatic outfits easy, simple, and gorgeous, I personally find them very form-flattering. Plus, when is a better time to play around with single-hue layers than during the winter? So, if you’ve always wanted to try wearing a one-color outfit but you are worried that you might not pull it off, then this is your lucky day. I’ll provide some tips on how to achieve that balance between plain and striking. I’ll also provide some examples of monochromatic winter outfits that you can rock!

“Monochromatic Outfit” Defined.

The word monochromatic is a combination of the Greek words:  “mono,” meaning “alone” and “chrome,” which means color. So, technically, a monochromatic outfit means an ensemble made up of only one color. However, wearing a monochromatic outfit does not mean that you have to wear a single shade of the same color from head to toe. To create a stunning monochromatic winter outfit, you have to play around with different tints and shades of the same color. This can be done through accessorizing, accentuating focal areas to compliment your body shape and style, and mixing-and-matching different textures!

If you are like me and usually buy clothes in the same color, then monochromatic outfits are also a good way to utilize these pieces at once! Be careful though, regularly wearing the same color can completely defeat the purpose of monochromatic outfits as it may remove some of the novelty in the idea. I am definitely guilty of this since I usually wear all-white ensembles. However, there is also that fine line between just being lazy to being on-brand. As I said, it is all about finding that balance.

Another reason why I love playing with monochromatic pieces is… you guessed it right, I am a short girl. To my petites out there, monochromatic outfits are great because that coherent line gives the illusion of length. Thus, it usually makes the wearer look taller, longer, and slimmer. Just try it out!

Okay, so are you ready to start playing around with monochromes? First, go into your closet and pull out pieces that are of the same color. This includes all tops, bottoms, outerwear, scarves, jewelry, hats, shoes, etc. Be wary of the similarities and differences in the look and feel of each item. Also, be cautious about which shades and pieces match your skin tone, body shape, hair and eye color, height, and other general features. The last thing you want is to look plain or drown in these layers. 

If you are unsure which colors or textures to wear, you can always start playing with neutral colors (brown, black, and white). Also, like I always say, always prioritize your comfort. If you are just starting out, pick pieces that you know look good on you. Additionally, since we are talking about monochromatic winter outfits, choose items that are comfortable and will keep you warm. These are the basic ideas that we are going to stick with today.

The Secret is in the Texture

Because wearing single-colored pieces can make the outfit look plain and boring, mixing textures is a must. Play with different kinds of fabric and material to inject some dimension to your look. For this brown ensemble, we can see that the vest’s, suede finish and striking shade of brown elevated the look from being a boring nude outfit. For the second outfit, the knit hat and gloves just added that extra cozy winter look. The leather on the Thumm & Co watch also brought the look to a whole new level.

Still do not know where to start? Try mixing soft and hard textures, smooth and rough, and even plains and prints! Some interesting texture marriage you can play with are cotton and leather, fake fur and silk, and denim and lace.

A Balancing Act

Like I keep mentioning in this whole blog post, wearing monochromatic winter outfits is definitely a balancing act. Aside from textures, you can also drastically improve your outfit with some patterns. I personally love ribbed and vertical patterns to help make me look tall (God knows I need all the help I can get!). You also need to remember to balance the fit of the pieces you chose. For example, if you are wearing a tight top, add some volume through a pair of slightly loose pants. Since the top and the bottom are both tight-fit for the all-white outfit, I decided to elevate my look with my oversized puffy cropped jacket. Wearing scarves and hats can also add other layers of texture and patterns. 

Also, if you are wearing clean-cut basic pieces, play around with shape by throwing on an asymmetrical vest. 

And Your Point Is…

Like with any outfit, you must also be mindful of your assets. Choose a focal point in your body that you would like people to pay attention to. For example, if you have a slender neck, you might want to choose a slightly different shade in the area. 

If you would look at this all-black outfit I chose, I decided to play with two different shades of black in the lower half of my look. The difference between the stockings and the knee-high boots made me look taller.

Monochromatic Outfits


It is also important to strategically use accessories to elevate your outfit. When used right, accessories bring different textures, shades, and even patterns to your look. Plus, it can even flatter your whole outfit! For monochromatic winter outfits, accessories like hats, scarves, gloves, vests, and cardigans can even help you warm up.

For this all-white outfit, I decided to use my gorgeous pearly Thumm & Co Monroe watch to add a little bit of classy and feminine finish to my otherwise rugged look. The pearly patterns on the watched also provided a little bit of shine to the outfit. What I love the most about using this watch in this outfit was that it helped me keep track of time while I enjoyed playing in the snow.

The watch has also definitely kept me stay aware of the time when I work from home. Since I have been working from home full-time for basically ten months now, I sometimes get distracted with my household chores and even with my pets. Sometimes, I just take a look at their cute little faces, and I’m out of my desk and start giving them belly rubs. With my Thumm & Co watch, I get reminded when I spend too much time playing and procrastinating. Another thing I am guilty of is working for hours without remembering to stretch and eat. Since I was diagnosed with an ulcer just a couple of weeks ago, it is absolutely essential that I am wary when it is time to eat, drink, and stretch. My Thumm & Co watch helps me stay healthy, productive, and on-time whether I am out and about or I am indoors.

If you would like to start being more productive and time-conscious next year, all while staying stylish and on-point, you can order the same Monroe watch here. You can also check out Thumm & Co’s vast array of products.

Monochromatic outfits
Source: Thumm & Co website

There you have it! I hope that my tips can help push you to try monochromatic winter outfits. Let me know if you have any thoughts and questions! Simply comment on this blog, send me a message, or DM me on Instagram.

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