Valentines Date Outfit Ideas

It’s that time of the year again. Yup, January definitely breezed by as usual, making way for one of the most “romantic” days of the year – Valentines Day. While several people, especially couples who have defined their relationships, normally look forward for this special day, many people also dread it because of the pressure and stigma that come with the holiday. Some, meanwhile, spend Valentines Day with friends and family. Additionally, valentines Day is not just the popular subject of many romantic comedy films, it has also emerged as a medium of empowerment for women these past few years. Women, in particular, have established their ownership of the day by celebrating it with girl friends, coining the term “Galentines Day.” So, this year, whether you are going out for the typical Valentines date night with your significant other or spending it with friends, here are some Valentines outfit ideas that are fun, flirty, and most importantly, confidence-boosting!

Last week, I published this reel on my Instagram showcasing a handful of Valentines date outfit inspos to give you some idea of what you can wear. Of course, I decided to play with the usual Valentines day shades of red and pink. Let’s take a look at each of the outfits. Note that all of these pieces were already part of my wardrobe for years. Remember that you don’t have to purchase new items to look good during the rare times we go out nowadays.

Little Red Dress

Of course, the LRD (move over, LBD) is at the top of this list. When in doubt about your Valentines date outfit, a little red dress is always a good idea. Red dresses often not only exude a sexy and flirtatious vibe, it can also be a symbolism of power. As someone who is short and skinny, this dress is always my go-to because of how well it hugs my sometimes non-existent curves. In fact, I even wore this exact dress for last year’s Valentines day!

Valentines Date

Purples and Pinks Can Also Do the Trick

While red is always a safe choice, especially when you are trying to follow the Valentines day color scheme, purples and pinks can also be good alternatives while still staying on theme! The first dress below is a purple dress adorned with sequins is still super sexy without being too predictable. This dress is also extremely comfortable and stretchy, making it perfect for dancing.

The dress below is a maroon velvet dress that I bought three years ago. Now that I am older, I am trying to be more mature with how I dress and this piece is a perfect transition from my mini bodycon dresses to more mature-looking items. It is really stylish and unique.

Two-Piece Sets

Since I don’t really go to clubs anymore because of the pandemic, I’ve been looking for ways to appropriate my “partying” clothes in more practical ways. I thought that this two-piece set is perfect for a Valentines date night. It is sexy without showing too much skin. Two-piece sets made up of a cropped top and a mini skirt are also one of petite girls’ bestfriends because they are usually more flattering than dresses.

Skirt and a Top – But Make It Fun

You know me, I love a good cropped top moment! I am sure you have seen this top in my previous posts, but that is because I’m a no-shame outfit repeater. Like I said, everything I wear on my blog or Instagram photos were items that were already in my wardrobe. You can see how interesting it is to use the same piece, such as this top, being used in so many different ways and mood. For a Valentines date OOTD/OOTN, I paired it with an interesting leopard-print skirt to add texture to the look. I finished it with a pair of nude pumps for a regal and put-together outfit.

Pants Can Also Look Romantic

I am the type of person who believes that there is always the perfect pair of pants for every occasion. A lot of people automatically suggest skirts or dresses for events and occasions, but I think that pants are really underrated in this scenario. Still playing with the Valentines color scheme, I paired this lace cropped top with butterfly sleeves with my favorite pair of white pants. Since it might be a little chilly, I finished off the look with my pair of knee-high boots, that is also one of the overused pieces in my wardrobe.

So, remember, ladies, you don’t have to purchase new items to look good. All of the pieces mentioned here were already in my wardrobe for at least a year. As a woman, I personally like looking sexy, romantic, and empowered for a Valentines date. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment, sending me a message, or DMing on Instagram. Happy Valentines/Galentines day and be safe this weekend!

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