Meet Guzwoman

I’m Princess Guzman, a pint-sized Filipina living the California dream. Standing tall at 4’11” in the USA, I consider myself an expert in no-BS petite fashion tips and tricks. When I’m not sitting behind my desk as a marketing manager and full-time USC Annenberg grad student, I like exploring the outdoors, advocating for sustainable living, and embodying the #bossbabe that I know I am. Oh by the way, I am also a full-time mom to my fur babies Coco, my baby black chug, and Charlie, my fat black cat. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of them in my photos.

I started this blog both as a creative outlet, as well as a medium for me to help my petite sisters. I know the struggles and limitations of styling when you are sizes smaller than the average woman. Thus, the main objective of this blog is to provide some styling resources and suggestions for petite women like me.

Secondarily, this blog is also a platform for me to share my journey towards sustainable fashion. I love dressing up and overdressing, but I feel like I can’t simply turn a blind eye to the disastrous effects of the fashion industry on the environment. While I have my weak moments and still buy from fast fashion brands, I hope that starting this blog can help me limit this and make wise fashion investments. In no way do I consider myself savvy in sustainable fashion, but I am slowly and gradually making conscious decisions to embrace sustainability as a lifestyle. Join me in this adventure of self and professional growth, styling maturity, and sustainable living.

Glad to see you here. I hope you find my two cents helpful! If you have any comments, content ideas, or collaboration proposals, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Disclaimer: I may still write and post content that mentions fast fashion brands, especially on styling suggestions for my petite girls out there. Admittedly, it is still quite difficult to find sustainable brands for petite women that are also within my clothing budget. However, I will try my absolute best to limit this in order to stay true to my principles and advocacy.